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Businesses Turn to Careers Industries

“Supporting local businesses and our local community is very important to us and a core part of our business. Our mission goes beyond making great bakery and delivering great service for our customers. It is about making our community a better place to live and work. Careers Industries is helping us fulfill that mission. They don’t just make boxes for us; they make time for us so we can keep a higher number of people focused on our products. We receive the boxes ready to go (from Careers) so we can simply insert the product and be ready to ship. It gives us time to focus on what we do best, which is baking.”
Eric Olesen, president of O&H Danish Bakery

“Careers Industries provides quality work. They do a great job. They supervise the work at every step leaving us confident that it’s done correctly and they always deliver the product to our customers on time. Hiring Careers Industries for specialized packaging projects with short turnaround times is a fiscally responsible solution for a small business likes ours.”
Lynnell Carleton, office manager, Carefree Enzymes        

“I would recommend Careers Industries to anyone looking for help with packaging. We can count on them to perform the job spot on every order. They take pride in their work and deliver exactly what they promise. Contracting with Careers Industries not only provides value to our business but also allows us to help Careers Industries provide work opportunities for the participants they serve.”
Craig Driscoll, sales representative, North American   

“Careers Industries offers a cost-effective and value-added alternative to us hiring temps for assembly projects with short lead times. Plus, they have the room to do the work. They pick up the materials needed from us, provide first piece approval and always deliver the finish project on deadline so we can meet our customer needs. Further, when we provide work to Careers Industries, we’re also supporting our community.”
Peter Fallabeck, purchasing manager, Federal Health