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Can Liners

For home, office or facility use, or as a fundraising opportunity for your organization while also supporting Careers Industries.

Artworks created by our Careers Industries artists!

Fulfillment Services

Real Work for Real Pay
Fulfillment Services offers vocational training and employment for people with developmental and/or other disabilities through a variety of subcontract services for area businesses or through the Can Liner Project. Learn more in this video.

Subcontract work includes:

  • Assembly including light and kit assembly both by machine and hand
  • Packaging by hand and machine, including thermal seal, blister pack, and shrink wrap
  • Collating from brochures to washers
  • Quality Services including parts inspection, deburring and sorting

We offer competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and quality assurance.

Read what our customers have to say. Click here.

Watch an excellent short video produced by Aspiro, Inc. and Rehabilitation for Wisconsin in Action that explains the value that organizations like Careers Industries provide persons with disabilities through the opportunity to work, improve self esteem and earn pay, and learn how organizations like ours determine that pay.

For more information, contact Stacy Quickstad or 262-752-4100.

Download our Fulfillment Services Brochure.