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Careers Industries' garden harvests flowers, vegetables and opportunities

Flower and vegetable gardens, located in a pleasant, sunny patio at the rear of our Racine site, are planted and cared for nearly every day by our Integrated Day Services (IDS) participants and staff members.  The harvest – vegetables, herbs and flowers – is then used right here in our kitchen and the community in donated meals, toys and works of art.

For most of us,  gardening is just a hobby, but for our IDS participants it's also a learning opportunity.  Our participants learn about the circle of life – a seed is planted, the plant is nurtured and it grows into something beautiful.  They learn how to follow directions – dig the hole only so deep, carefully water the plant.  And, they achieve a sense of pride and accomplishment from being involved in an activity that is enjoyed by many of their families and caregivers.