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Fulfillment Services
Your Reliable and Reputable Resource to Get the Job Done

Careers Industries' ready to go, motivated workforce helps your organization get the job done. For decades we've provided Racine-area industries with fast, reliable, cost effective and high quality subcontract services including:

  • Assembly including light and kit assembly both by machine and hand
  • Packaging by hand and machine, including thermal seal, blister pack, and shrink wrap
  • Collating from brochures to washers
  • Quality services including parts inspection, deburring and sorting

Learn more in this video.

Regardless of where you are in the business cycle, the work still has to get done. Whether you've made temporary layoffs, decided not to return to pre-recession staffing levels, or have always valued outside partners, Careers Industries can help you complete the job.


  • Flexibility for a quick response for start-up, change over and drop-in orders
  • Quick turnaround on time, all the time
  • Quality driven by ongoing training
  • Competitive pricing within 24 hours
  • Free delivery
  • Knowledgeable lean and just-in-time manufacturing provider

We're the ideal partner for basic skills, repetitive type work, so you can assign your experienced and higher paid employees to responsibilities appropriate for their level of skill and training. And, instead of out sourcing these types of needs out of the country, companies can more cost effectively get the work done here in our community and better ensure quality and on time delivery. When you keep the work here at home you help both our local economy and environment.

Research shows nearly 90 percent of consumers would prefer to give their business to companies that provide work for people with disabilities. When you subcontract with Careers Industries, we're able to proved real work for real pay in a safe structured setting. You also help provide the opportunity for our Fulfillment Services participants to contribute to their personal and communities' economic well being.

To lean more about how we can help you get the job done, please call 262-752-4100 and ask for Fulfillment Services. Download our brochure.

Read what our customers have to say. Click here.

For more information, contact Stacy Quickstad or 262-752-4100.

Watch an excellent short video produced by Aspiro, Inc. and Rehabilitation for Wisconsin in Action that explains the value that organizations like Careers Industries provide persons with disabilities through the opportunity to work, improve self esteem and earn pay, and learn how organizations like ours determine that pay.