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Ways to give:

From your IRA :  Normally withdrawals from traditional IRA’s are taxable. However, if you ask your IRA Broker to make the check payable directly to Careers Industries, Inc. then the withdrawal is not taxable. This is a simple way to benefit Careers Industries while getting a major tax advantage. All you need to do is contact your IRA broker to give them the information. This donation can satisfy your minimum required distribution.

Long-term Capital Gain on Stocks : If you have stock that you have held for more than one year, you can avoid paying the taxes on capital gains by simply transferring the stock to Careers Industries, Inc.  Contact your tax advisor for limitations that may apply.

Charitable gift fund : Most mutual fund companies have a charitable gift fund.  You can simply transfer your appreciated stock that you have held for more than one year into the charitable gift fund.  These funds are called donor advised funds.  You can then advise the fund to transfer money from the fund to the charity of your choice.  People use these as it is simpler than transferring the stock to several charities.  You can also make a large transfer in one year and yet make charitable contributions over several years.  People do this who want a large charitable deduction all in one year and no charitable deductions the next year.  This is called doubling up your charitable deductions.  This is especially important after the recent change in the tax law where you need to get above your itemized deductions.  Consult your tax advisor for the use of this strategy.

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At Careers Industries, we are privileged, honored and blessed to serve a remarkable group of individuals every day. You too can help enrich the lives of persons with disabilities.


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