Email Your Elected Leaders

Protect the employment/service choices of persons with disabilities

Use the instructions below to copy and paste the following letter into your email program. You can use the letter as is or add a paragraph about your personal story or interest where you think most appropriate.

Email Addresses:

Governor Scott Walker govgeneral@wisconsin.gov

Senator John Lehman, District Number 1 sen.lehman@legis.wisconsin.gov

Click here for a directory to email other Wisconsin State Senators.

Representative Cory Mason, District Number 66 rep.mason@legis.wisconsin.gov

Click here for directory to email other Wisconsin State Representatives.

Email Subject: (to copy: Highlight & use ctrl+c, or right click and choose "copy")
Protect Employment/Service Choice for Persons with Disabilities

How to Email Elected Leaders
  1. Open your preferred email program.
  2. Highlight & Copy (ctrl+c) the email addresses of the receivers you'd like to send the email to.
  3. Paste (ctrl+v) them into the "TO" field of your email.
  4. Highlight & Copy (ctrl+c) the Email Subject.
  5. Paste (ctrl+v) into the Subject line of your email.
  6. Highlight (ctrl+a) & Copy (ctrl+c) the Email content.
  7. Paste (ctrl+v) it into the message part of your email, feel free to edit the content.
  8. Type (Sign) your name after content.
  9. Send the email!

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