Community Based Employment

Partners in Integrated Employment (PIE) helps Careers Industries participants and others with developmental or similar disabilities find jobs and internships that match their employment interests.

Once we help find the ideal work experience and employer, we provide coaching and support so participants are prepared for success in their new job or internship.

Applicant Services:

  • Identify applicant interests and skills
  • Assess employers’ needs and available positions
  • Determine appropriate opportunities and employers
  • Provide job application and coaching support

We work closely with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to help start the employment process. First, we spend time identifying the applicant’s unique preferences, abilities, interests, strengths, and limitations. This helps us determine the types of jobs and employers best suited for each applicant.

We partner with area businesses and organizations so we know the type of experience, skills and talent they need. We don’t just look for available jobs. We look for positions that meet each participant’s personal employment objectives. Once we’ve found their ideal work experience, we then provide training and development so new employees and interns are ready to succeed and grow.

Everyone deserves a chance to work.

To start a new work experience, please call 262-752-4100 and ask for Partners in Integrated Employment.

“Until you meet a person and get to know them, you don’t know what they are capable of. You need to give every person a chance.”

Chris Reinhardt

technical director, Racine Theatre Guild


Tap into a diverse
base of highly-
motivated and
engaged talent.

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